Help Us Plan the 2015 Symposium!

ACRL/NY Symposium 2015

Mark your calendars now for the 2015 ACRL/NY Symposium, which will take place on December 4th. As your Symposium Committee Co-chairs, we’re excited to get started with the planning process, and would like to invite your participation for the upcoming year.

The Committee meets 11:00 am – 12:30 pm at Mercy College-Manhattan, room 723. Fall meeting dates are  October 16th and November 6th.  Committee members must be 2015 members of ACRL/NY, and commit to attending at least two thirds of the scheduled meetings.

Please consider joining us! ACRL-NY is a fabulous organization, and this is just one of the many wonderful networking and professional growth opportunities that it provides. If you’re interested in contributing to a fantastic community of librarians, you can reach us at

Carrie Marten & Gina Levitan
2015 ACRL/NY Symposium chairs



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